By L1 Supply | 01-11-2023
Types of TMT Steel: Advantages and Disadvantages
Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars (TMT bars) are reinforcement bars that have a hard outer core and a softer inner core. These strong and flexible steel bars are used to increase the strength of the structure.
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By L1 Supply | 02-11-2023
7 Tips to Save Money while Constructing a House
Having a dream home is the aspiration of every individual. It is not just to have a shelte but to have your own space to make memories. But it
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By L1 Supply | 03-11-2023
Why are steel prices increasing? - Steel price trends
Steel is an important element of the construction industry, that is made up of an alloy of iron, carbon and other elements like silicon, phosphorous, sulphur and manganese.
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By L1 Supply | 04-11-2023
Methods for Testing of Cement and their IS Codes
Cement is undoubtedly a crucial component of every construction activity. The quality of the concrete boils down to the quality of cement used, and good quality concrete is required to provide strength and durability to the building.
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By L1 Supply | 05-11-2023
Different Methods for Testing of Aggregates
Aggregates are basic mineral materials that are used in construction. These include sand, gravel and crushed stone
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By L1 Supply | 06-11-2023
How to choose the best brick for construction?
Bricks are undoubtedly the most important construction material and choosing them has got to be an arduous task. Bricks have been in use since 7500 BC, and have been used by the ancient Roman, Egyptian and Indian civilisations
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By L1 Supply | 07-11-2023
How to Buy Construction Materials Online?
The quality of construction is determined by the quality of materials used. And once you
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By L1 Supply | 08-11-2023
Flyash Bricks vs Red Bricks: Advantages, Disadvantages
Fly ash bricks are lightweight bricks that are prepared using fly ash, water and aggregates like sand, gypsum, lime, and stone dust.
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By L1 Supply | 09-11-2023
Building Materials and Price Trends
Construction material prices or building material prices are required before beginning any construction project, like home, industry or any business entity.
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By L1 Supply | 10-11-2023
What are the advantages and disadvantages of fly ash bricks
What are fly ash bricks made of? Fly ash bricks are made from the wastes of thermal power plants, which include fly ash, gypsum, lime, sand, water and stone aggregates
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By L1 Supply | 11-11-2023
Structural Steel: Properties, Types and Advantages
Structural steel is an alloy steel that is regulated in its chemical composition to produce steel of different dimensions and properties. These can be easily moulded into different shapes and sizes.
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By L1 Supply | 12-11-2023
Different Types of Cement Bags and Prices
Cement is one of the most essential elements and materials required for construction. It is a calcareous substance used in concrete, mortar, plaster, grouts and pre-cast elements.
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By L1 Supply | 13-11-2023
What are the differences between fine aggregates and coarse aggregates
Aggregates are granular substances that form 70 to 80 percent of the total volume of the concrete. They are hard and inert substances that are free from any kind of chemicals or adhesive of clay.
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By L1 Supply | 14-11-2023
What are the different types and shapes of bricks
Bricks are solid and one of the most essential components of construction. These have been in use since 7500 BC, and through all these years, these have evolved in colour, texture, size, material and properties
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By L1 Supply | 15-11-2023
What are the methods to test the sand quality
In the construction industry, estimating the quantity and ratio of resources is very essential. The number of bricks, sand and cement required depends on the mix proportion of the concrete.
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