7 Tips to Save Money while Constructing a House
02-11-2023 material L1 Supply

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Saving money during construction
  3. Choosing contractor wisely
  4. Choosing construction materials
  5. Insist on standard sizes
  6. Preparing Structural designs
  7. Consider prefabrication work
  8. Build during off-season
  9. Reducing the number of walls


Having a dream home is the aspiration of every individual. It is not just to have a shelter but to have your own space to make memories.  But it’s not easy to construct your own home, especially for middle-class families. With the cost of raw materials reaching sky-high, it is important to try and opt for cost-cutting and saving money at each stage of the construction.

Some things are better left to professionals like architects, contractors and laborers. But there are a few areas where you can save money, like avoiding expensive mistakes, cutting back on up-front costs and making the finished structure less expensive to inhabit.

Saving money during construction

There are different ways to save money for construction, which includes

  1. Choosing contractor wisely
  2. Choosing construction materials
  3. Insist on standard sizes
  4. Preparing structural drawings
  5. Consider prefabrication work
  6. Build during off-season
  7. Reducing the number of walls

Choosing contractor wisely

Don’t just go with the first contractor you talk to. Go around and talk to different people, and try to look for the best possible deal. Wait until you get a few bids and quotations, and then decide which one fits your budget and will be better. It is not just the price of the home that costs you your money. If the contractor does fail to manage subcontractors, then you might end up paying some additional amount. Your aim must be to find a proven contractor who is honest with his work and sticks to the timeline.

Choosing construction material

Construction materials include all types of materials like bricks, cement, rod and sand. Buying materials in bulk will be cheaper as dealers as more inclined toward giving high discounts on the purchase of goods in larger quantities. Also, it is important to check the brand and type of product. For instance, AAC blocks are cheaper than red bricks and provide high strength.

Insist on standard sizes

Before opting for the blueprint or custom designs, make sure that the doors and windows are of standard sizes. Customized doors and windows will cost more than that of standard dimensions, as they involve more materials and finishing.    

Preparing structural designs

People prepare the architectural design of the building. But not a lot of them insist on the structural design. The structural plan gives details about the foundation plan, framing plan, column and beam, and other structural components of the building. It can help in determining the number of rods, bricks, cement and sand required, and can help calculate the amount of money. If done correctly, it can help in saving quite a good amount of money.

Consider prefabrication work

In prefabrication, some specific parts of the building are constructed at the factory. And it is bought to the construction site and assembled there. It not only helps in saving money and cost-cutting but also helps in reducing construction time as the time of assembling reduces.  

Build during off-season

Every industry has busy seasons and slow seasons, and so does has construction industry. Opting to build a house during the off-season can save up to 4-5 per cent on the construction. You can save around 10 per cent on roof construction during winters. Along with additional savings, you will also get better guidance and surveillance by the contractor as he will be less busy during the off-season.

Reducing the number of walls

By reducing the number of walls, you can make your home spacious. It will help in reducing the cost and increase the surface area. More space inside the house will permit natural light to enter your home and will help in reducing the number of insects and germs.

All these are some ways in which you can reduce your overall construction cost. It is important to make sure that while saving some extra bucks, you are not being miserly with your comfort and facilities. Remember, you might build a home only once. And if you compromise on the quality, you might have to shell out a lot to compensate for that later.

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